Star Trek

Star Trek beams into Supercon 2018!

Meet William Shater “Captain James T. Kirk,” Jonathan Frakes “Commander William T. Riker,” & Gates McFadden “Dr. Beverly Crusher.”

Professional Photo Ops:

William Shatner Photo Op: $80 BUY NOW
Jonathan Frakes Photo Op: $50 BUY NOW
Gates McFadden Photo Op: $50 BUY NOW
Star Trek The Next Generation Duo Photo Op w/ Jonathan Frakes & Gates McFadden: $90 BUY NOW
Photo Ops include an 8×10 print available within minutes and a digital copy sent via email.
If photo op tickets do not sell out in advance of the event, they will be available with cash only at the photo op booth / area, HOWEVER we highly recommend purchasing online in advance to ensure you get a photo. For more information on professional photo ops, CLICK HERE.


William Shatner Autograph: $80 BUY NOW
Jonathan Frakes Autograph: $40 – Available at the show
Gates McFadden Autograph: $40 – Available at the show

Table Side Photos:

William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, & Gates McFadden will only be taking professional photo ops at this time.

Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes is an actor and director best known for his portrayal of Commander William T. Riker in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation and subsequent films. Jonathan Frakes will be appearing at Read More …

Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden is an actress and choreographer best known for playing Dr. Beverly Crusher in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series and in the four subsequent films. Gates McFadden will Read More …

William Shatner

William Shatner is a cultural icon, best known for his portrayal of James T. Kirk, captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, in the Star Trek franchise, Read More …

Peter David

Peter David is a writer of comic books, novels, television, movies and video games. His notable comic book work includes The Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Young Read More …