Rhiannon Owens

Rhiannon is a trading card artist originally from Jacksonville, FL. She has been working in the industry for 10 years and has produced images for properties under Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dynamite Comics and more. Her work has been printed as part of card set and has also been released as 1/1 originals worldwide. She has been recognized by Copic Markers and uses them almost exclusively to produce her art. Recently, Rhiannon relocated to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi where she continues to produce Marvel work under Upper Deck Entertainment.

appearingRhiannon Owens will be appearing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Florida Supercon.

Rhiannon does not charge for autographs.

Rhiannon is accepting orders for pre-show commissions for pick up at the show! Contact new_beginning724@yahoo.com with the subject line “Supercon Commission”. While she will be doing commissions at the show as well, pre-ordering is preferred.

Rhiannon’s schedule will be posted about 2 weeks before the show.