Celebrity Q&As

Do you want to know how your favorite characters came into form? Do you enjoy hearing about backstage secrets from your favorite shows?

Catch our celebs on stage as they talk shop and answer questions.

Caitlin Glass & Vic Mignogna – Florida Supercon 2016

Gaten Matarazzo – Raleigh Supercon 2018

John Wesley Shipp – Raleigh Supercon 2017

Justin Roiland – Raleigh Supercon 2017

Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkleman, Micah Burton – Florida Supercon 2017

Michael Cudlitz – Florida Supercon 2017

Peter Capaldi – Florida Supercon 2017

Michael Rooker – Raleigh Supercon 2017

Tara Strong – Raleigh Supercon 2017

William Shatner – Florida Supercon 2016