The Overwatch Heroes are TAKING OVER Supercon 2018!

Meet Jen Cohn “Pharah”, Paul Nakauchi, “Hanzo”, Chloe Hollings “Widowmaker”, Anjali Bhimani “Symmetra”, Lucie Pohl “Mercy”, Elise Zhang “Mei”, Chris Parson “Junkrat”, Josh Petersdorf “Roadhog”, and Carolina Ravassa “Sombra”


Anjali Bhimani Autograph: TBA
Jen Cohn Autograph: TBA
Chloe Hollings Autograph: TBA
Paul Nakauchi Autograph: $30
Chris Parson Autograph: $30
Josh Petersdorf Autograph: $30-40
Lucie Pohl Autograph: $35-40
Carolina Ravassa Autograph: TBA
Elise Zhang Autograph: $30

Selfie / Tableside Photos:

Anjali Bhimani Selfie: TBA
Jen Cohn Selfie: TBA
Chloe Hollings Selfie: TBA
Paul Nakauchi Selfie: $20
Chris Parson Selfie: 210
Josh Petersdorf Selfie: $20
Lucie Pohl Selfie: $35
Carolina Ravassa Selfie: TBA
Elise Zhang Selfie: $20

Autograph & Selfie Combos:

Anjali Bhimani Combo: TBA
Jen Cohn Combo: TBA
Chloe Hollings Combo: TBA
Lucie Pohl Combo: $60
Carolina Ravassa Combo: TBA

Anjali Bhimani

Anjali Bhimani is best known as the voice of Symmetra in Blizzard’s hit video game Overwatch. Anjali Bhimani will be at Florida Supercon Thursday-Sunday, July 12-15, Read More …

Jen Cohn

Jen Cohn is the voice of Pharah in Overwatch, Lord Zash in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Ursa in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jen Read More …

Chloe Hollings

Chloe Hollings is best known as the voice of Talon assassin Widowmaker in the hit video game Overwatch. Chloe Hollings will be at Florida Supercon Read More …

Paul Nakauchi

Paul Nakauchi is an actor best known as the voice of Hanzo in the hit video game Overwatch and as Watari in Netflix’s Death Note Read More …

Chris Parson

Chris Parson is a voice actor best known for his roles in video games, including Gladiolus in Final Fantasy XV and Junkrat in Overwatch. Chris Read More …

Josh Petersdorf

  Josh Petersdorf is best known as the voice of Roadhog in the video game Overwatch. He has also lent his voice to World of Warcraft: Read More …

Lucie Pohl

Lucie Pohl is best known as the voice of Mercy in the video game Overwatch. She has appeared in episodes of Red Dwarf and Homeland, as Read More …

Carolina Ravassa

Carolina Ravassa is an actress best known for playing the hacker Sombra in the hit video game Overwatch. She has also lent her voice to Read More …

Elise Zhang

Elise Zhang is a Chinese actress best known as the voice of Mei in Overwatch, Lily in Heroes of the Storm, and Alleria Windrunner in Hearthstone. Elise Zhang will Read More …