How to get your Fast Lane Button for Supercon

Fast Lane Buttons are like a special Power-up for Supercon! They give you the special privilege of skipping the general line for all Celebrity Autographs and Photo Ops! Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Fast Lane Buttons.

Q. How to do I get a Fast Lane Button for Supercon?
A. Lucky for you, it’s easy to get one! All you have to do is book your hotel through the links on our site HERE and you will automatically be signed up to receive one! You get one Fast Lane Button for each room night you book, so the longer you stay, the more Fast Lane Buttons you get! You will get your Fast Lane Button from the front desk when you check into your hotel.

Q. I reserved my hotel through the link, do I have to do anything else?
A. Nope! As long as you booked through our website HERE, you will be on the list to receive a Fast Lane Button when you check in to your hotel. You will receive 1 Fast Lane Button for each room night you book!

Q. Where do I pick up my Fast Lane Button?
A. You can pick up your Fast Lane Button at the Info Booth in the Hall A Entrance Hall.

Q. Is the Fast Lane Button valid for the entire weekend?
A. Yes! Each Fast Lane Button works for all 4 days of Florida Supercon 2018.

Q. How many uses to you get out of each Fast Lane Button?
A. The Fast Lane Button is good for UNLIMITED USES during Florida Supercon 2018. The button is yours to keep and you do not have to turn it in when you use it.

Q. Does the Fast Lane Button include admission to the convention or Celebrity Autographs/Photo Ops?
A. No, you will need to purchase admission and celebrity autographs/photo ops separately in order to use your Fast Lane Button. You can buy admission from our ticket page HERE. Select Autographs and Photo Ops are available online HERE, but those not listed will be available to purchase with cash during the show.

Q. I’m only booking 1 night but I have 2+ people staying in the room? Can we share the Fast Lane Button?
A. Yes, Fast Lane Buttons can be passed between members in party, but keep in mind that with 1 button you will only be able to wait in 1 line at a time.

Q. Do I qualify for the Fast Lane Button if I book through a travel service, through the hotel’s website, or by calling the hotel?
A. Unfortunately not. Only people who booth through the links on our hotel page HERE qualify to receive Fast Lane Buttons.

Q. How to does VIP differ from the Fast Lane Button? Should I still purchase a VIP if I am already getting a Fast Lane Button?
A. VIP Badges come with a lot more benefits than the Fast Lane Button as they are exclusive and limited to a certain number. VIP badges come with cool Supercon Swag like posters, tote bags, folders, and more! VIPs also get an invitation to our Big Open Bar Celebrity VIP Party on Friday Night. VIPs also get to skip not only the General Line, but also the Fast Lane, and will be taken care of before Fast Lane Button Holders. You can find out more about VIP benefits at the bottom of our ticket page HERE.