Bombshells Cosplay

The Bombshells Cosplay is a group of 24 beautiful gals in Tampa/ Orlando that cosplay the characters of DC Comics: The Bombshells. They travel Florida from con to con bringing fabulous fun! They started humbly as 11 girls and won their first cosplay competition at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016. Since then, they have traversed several local and larger Florida cons and have grown to a full cast of 24 ladies.

The Bombshells Cosplay takes pride in not only their handmade costumes but also their message of femininity and teamwork. All 24 ladies are from many different backgrounds and possess different talents such as: sewing, wig styling, makeup artist, body paint, cosplay business, social media management and much more.

The Bombshells Cosplay are appearing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Florida Supercon.

The Bombshells Cosplay will be hosting the DC Bombshells Dance Party on Saturday Night of Florida Supercon!