Bruce Owens

Legendary referee Bruce Owens joins us as Senior Referee at FSCW.  A wrestling official since 1973, Bruce has been part of every legendary show and match Florida wrestling had to offer. At FSCW, he has become his own celebrity as fans cheer for him just as much as they do any FSCW competitor. [the-post-grid id="16050" title="FSCW Roster"]

Princess Peach

Cheering on Super Mario in his corner is the every lovely Princess Peach.  The monarch of the Mushroom Kingdom has joined her hero at FSCW to give him the moral support he deserves…that and also every time he leaves her behind she gets captured.  Princess Peach is portrayed by professional cosplayer and accessory maker, Kiki Kannon. [the-post-grid id="16050" title="FSCW Roster"]

April O’Neil

FSCW’s ring announcer is the TMNT ace reporter, April O’Neil.  April takes over as master of ceremonies for FSCW as she keeps the show moving along amongst all the mayhem, melee, Negans, and HR letters about Commissioner Zapp Brannigan.  April O’Neil is brought to life by Kid Cadet. Cadet is not only a veteran ring announcer in other wrestler promotions, but she is also a skilled convention moderator, and a singer to add to an already amazing resume. [the-post-grid id="16050" title="FSCW Roster"]


The One-Man Apocalypse is just that here at FSCW.  The veteran of the Australian Liberation Front is here to give out bruises more than getting belts. His goal is to show FSCW that he’s the toughest and most dangerous man out there in the ring. Coupled with Junkrat in the tag-team division, the man once called Mako is a threat to anyone that opposes his quest for maximum carnage.  Roadhog is played by Zane Riley. Riley is a well-respected wrestler that was toured all over the country and entertained thousands in his career. Riley can also be heard with co-host...Read More


The savage demon of Outworld is a deadly addition to the FSCW roster. The reoccurring Mortal Kombat character is a wildcard in any match and consistently surprises fans and opponents in her tactics. Coming from Outworld, there is no question that being the top competitor is her goal at FSCW. The question remains on how far she’s willing to go to get there? Surprisingly, Mileena has found an occasional partner with League of Legend’s Jinx.  Mileena’s fierce combat is brought to us by the unparalleled talents of Impact’s Diamante, also known in the Florida wrestling circuit as Angel Rose. [the-post-grid...Read More

Master Roshi

FSCW’s favorite women’s match referee! Representing Dragon Ball Z, Master Roshi can be see either offering sage advice to competitors, officiating women’s matches, or sometimes joining in the matches himself. Master Roshi is played by long-time Florida wrestler, Flex Magnum.  Wrestling since 1993, Magnum was offered his talents to FSCW prior to the Roshi role as the Monopoly Man and GI Joe villain Dr. Mindbender. [the-post-grid id="16050" title="FSCW Roster"]

Lana Kane

Superspy and female powerhouse Lana Kane comes to FSCW from the animated world of Archer. Lana uses her cunning and monster truck hands to destroy all comers to the ring. Lana specializes in multiple forms of martial combat and has gone toe to toe with some of the bigger names in FSCW. Lana Kane was an easy transition for wrestler Savannah Evans, who expertly brings the character to life. A wrestler since 2014, Evans has not only established herself around the country as a top female contender, but has quickly established herself as a fantastic addition to the FSCW family....Read More


From the video game Overwatch, the Australian madman named Junkrat comes to FSCW for the promise of wealth, fame, and causing a ruckus whenever he can. The Czar of Cybernetics and Emperor of Explosions has clashed with several heroes and villains in his quest for hurting people. Alongside his partner, Roadhog, Junkrat has proved to be a considerable force in the tag-team division.  Junkrat is played by Aron Agony, who is also the main prop designer for FSCW. Agony has been a wrestler since 2011 and was formally an FSCW champion during his portrayal of Link from Legend of Zelda....Read More


The “better” half of Pokemon’s Team Rocket and, if you ask her, the brains of the outfit.  Like her partner, Jessie’s goal in FSCW is to cement her name as the greatest force that ever entered the FSCW arena. SO far Jessie has only succeeded in havoc and interruptions, but time will tell if the diabolical duo will be able to capture FSCW gold for the praise of their boss.  Jessie is masterfully portrayed by Dynamite DiDi, who travels all over the country as a respected female wrestling star. DiDi has also portrayed Dark Mary Marvel in early incarnations of...Read More


In all of Anime, there aren’t many villains as iconic or world-recognized as Team Rocket from Pokemon. James makes up half of this troublemaking twosome, thought ends up taking more than that percentage in beatings during their matches. Their goal in FSCW is to capture every championship belt they can in order to melt them down to make rare Poke Balls for their boss.  James is usually the first to run into the fray for Team Rocket…and is usually the first to claim worker’s comp after. South Florida wrestling veteran Julian Kelevra portrays James in FSCW, after playing numerous background...Read More

Casey Jones

Ronin Pro-Wrestling director Trevor “T.C.” Read brings to life a Ninja Turtles cult favorite in the vigilante known as Casey Jones. Casey Jones is a colorful addition to FSCW between his interesting array of weapons and his willingness to join the fight no matter the odds against him.  Casey’s portrayer, Read, is a well-known wrestling road warrior since 2009, traveling the southeast as part of the tag-team known as TECH Squad. Read had previously portrayed the character of Buzzer from GI Joe for FSCW…as well as various ninjas. [the-post-grid id="16050" title="FSCW Roster"]