The Walking Dead is at Supercon

The Walking Dead will be at Florida Supercon. Visit Michael Cudlitz “Abraham”, Josh McDermitt “Eugene”, “Andy” Jeremy Palko and, “Carl Grimes” Chandler Riggs. Don’t miss Abraham’s Army along with dozens of other celebrity guests, animation and anime voice actors, comic book creators, authors, cosplay guests, and entertainment guests. CLICK HERE to check out the full list of guests set to appear at Supercon.

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Michael Cudlitz is best known for his roles as Sergeant Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead, John Cooper in Southland, Sergeant Denver “Bull” Randleman in Band of Brothers, and Frank Rogers in Standoff.

Josh McDermitt is best known as Eugene Porter on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Brandon on Retired 35, and as a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing.

Chandler Riggs is best known for his roles as Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead.

Jeremy Palko is best known for his roles as Andy on AMC’s The Walking Dead and Nicholas Widmark on Bloodline.


Abraham’s Army is a trio of Walking Dead Cosplayers who are sometimes mistaken for the “real” Abraham, Negan and Rick!