Super Friends at Spercon

Super Friends will be at Florida Supercon. Not just YOUR super friends, but the voice actors from the 1970’s Saturday Morning  Cartoon classic. Meet “Wonder Woman” Shannon Farnon, “Zan and Gleek” Michael Bell, and “Jayna” B.J. Ward. Join them along with dozens of other celebrity guests, animation and anime voice actors, comic book creators, authors, cosplay guests, and entertainment guests coming to Florida Supercon. CLICK HERE to check out the full list of guests set to appear at Supercon.

Shannon Farnon is a voice actress best known as the voice of Wonder Woman in Super Friends. In addition to Wonder Woman, Farnon also voiced Hawkgirl in Super Friends and Kim Butler in Valley of the Dinosaurs.

Michael Bell is a legendary voice actor, known for his roles in Super Friends (Zan and Gleek), Challenge of the Super Friends (The Riddler), and Rugrats (Drew Pickles, Charles Finster Sr., Boris Kropotkin). He has also guest starred in several T.V. shows.

B.J. Ward voiced Jayna the twin sister to Zan. Together they were the Wonder twins. She also starred as Panky and Punkin on The Pink Panther and Sons, Casey Kelp, Celia and Lil’ Seaweed in Snorks.