Sponsorships and Advertising

Florida Supercon works with community partners to add value to the attendee experience in ways that are affordable and effective for our partners. We also offer advertising opportunities and premiere placement in our event for brands that want maximum exposure.

Premiere Sponsorship Branding Opportunities:

  • Main Stage Sponsorship: $9,500 for exclusive or $5,000 each for 2 sponsors
  • 2nd Stage Sponsorship: $3,500 for exclusive or $2,000 each for 2 sponsors
  • Costume Contest Sponsorship: $4,500 – Covers 3 costume contests
  • Video Game Zone Sponsorship: $12,500 for exclusive
  • Video Gaming Live Streaming Sponsorship – $5,000 for Live Streaming from the Video Gaming Zone
  • FSCW Fantasy Super Cosplay Wrestling Sponsorship: $7,500

Sponsorship and Partner Opportunities:

  • Co-Branded Volunteer T-Shirts with our logo on the front and the partner’s logo on the back – Priced at $5.50 per shirt, and we will print 800 shirts for this event.
  • Co-Branded Attendance Badges – Priced at $0.35 per 3″x5″ badge, and we will print about 6,000 badges.
  • Partner-Branded Wristbands – Priced at $0.15 per wristband. These are high-quality, vinyl wristbands for security of the event and comfort of the attendee. We expect to order 45,000 wristbands for this event.
  • Co-Branded VIP T-Shirts with both logos on the front of the shirt in an artistic design on a premium quality shirt with multiple colors. $8 per shirt, and we could print 500 VIP shirts for this event.
  • Co-Branded VIP Tote Bag – Bags can range in price from $1.50 to $4 per bag, depending on the quality you’d like to associate with your brand. We could order about 500 VIP bags for this event. If you’re looking for a great quality bag, go to The Comfy Traveler to see your options.
  • Co-Branded VIP Bottle Openers with our logo on one side and yours on the other – Priced at $5 per bottle opener.
  • Co-Branded VIP Beach Balls – Priced at $1.25 to $2 per ball, depending on the quality and the number of colors printed. We could order about 500 VIP Beach Balls for this event.
  • Co-Branded VIP Sunglasses – Priced at $2 per sunglasses for 500 VIPs.
  • Catering Partner for Celebrity Lunches to feed 200 once a day for 3 days.  Estimated value per person: $20.
  • Catering Partner for Volunteer Lunches to feed 200 twice a day for 3 days. Estimated value per person: $10.
  • Co-Branded Plastic Shopping Bags for all attendees $7,500 for 50,000 bags.

Premiere Exhibition Opportunities:
Brands that purchase premiere booths are eligible to run panels on topics that are relevant to our audience. This provides added exposure in the schedule of events and the opportunity to engage small groups of 15 to 60 (depending on popularity of topic).

  • 10’x10′ Corner Booth at the front of the exhibition hall with 1 8′ table, 1 6′ table, and electric – $2,500
  • 10’x10′ Inline Booth near the front of the exhibition hall with 1 8′ table and electric – $2,000

Advertising Opportunities:

  • Anyone that wants to pass out flyers at our convention must first purchase a booth. Standard Booth pricing can be found here.
  • Program guide advertising is available in full pages.
    • The back cover is $2,000
    • Page 2 is $1,750
    • Inside pages are $1,500