Rich Bonk

Rich has provided inks for Top Cow’s “Ascension”, “Witchblade”, “The Darkness” and more. Rich has penciled/inked other Image Titles, some of which are “The Gift”, Tony Daniel’s, “The Tenth” and “F-5”, MacFarlane’s “Spawn: The Dark Ages”, “’68” and more. DC Titles include “Superman”, “Action Comics”, “Supergirl”, “Teen Titans” and others. Rich has inked covers at Dark Horse and provided pencils for “How I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse”. “Purgatory”, “The Haunted” and “Evil Ernie” feature Rich’s work at Chaos! Comics. Rich is currently a regular contributor at Kingstone Comics.

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appearingRich Bonk will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Booth #1126

autographsRick Bonk does not charge for autographs.

commissionsCommissions: TBA

scheduleRich Bonk’s schedule will be posted here approximately two weeks before the event.