Indra Rojas “Fantasy Ninja” at Supercon Retro

Indra Rojas “Fantasy Ninja” is a cosplayer and artist. Cosplaying since 2004, Indra has been featured on SyFy’s Docu-Reality series “Heroes of Cosplay” and became part of the first team to represent the U.S. in China’s CICAF Super Cosplay Show. She will be one of the judges of the Saturday Costume Competition.

Visit her online at
Twitter: @TheFantasyNinja
Instagram: @indra_rojas

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Supercon Retro Appearing
Fantasy Ninja will be appearing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Supercon Retro. BOOTH# 1018

Supercon Retro Panels
Fantasy Ninja will take part in panels and events that are open to all attendees and included in the price of admission to Supercon Retro.

Supercon Retro Schedule
Fantasy Ninja’s schedule will be posted here about 2 weeks prior to the event.