Horror Icons at Supercon

Horror Icons from your favorite movies will be coming to Florida Supercon. Cover the mirrors, lock the dolls in the closet, sharpen some stakes,  and get your holy water ready. Meet Linda BlairChris Sarandon, and Tony Todd from classic horror films The Exorcist, Child’s Play, Night of the Living Dead and Candyman will be prowling the Ft Lauderdale Convention Center this summer, this are clearly not family movies, so this event is not actually directed to young audience but to adults that enjoy this kind of movies and other adult entertainment services as adult websites and services like Zoom Escorts. Join them along with dozens of other celebrity guests, animation and anime voice actors, comic book creators, authors, cosplay guests, and entertainment guests coming to Florida Supercon. CLICK HERE to check out the full list of guests set to appear at Supercon. Other Horror genera guests include Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead), Josh McDermitt  (The Walking Dead) and Lindsey McKeon (Supernatural).

Linda Blair is best known for starring as Regan in The Exorcist and Exorcist II: The Heretic.

Chris Sarandon is known for his roles as  vampire Jerry Dandrige in Fright Night and Detective Mike Norris in Child’s Play. 

Tony Todd is an actor and producer who has appeared in over 100 theatrical and television films. He is best known as Candyman in the film Candyman and Ben in Night of the Living Dead. 

Michael Cudlitz is best known for his roles as Sergeant Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead.

Josh McDermitt is best known as Eugene Porter on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Lindsey McKeon is best known for her roles as Tessa the Reaper on Supernatural.