The One-Man Apocalypse is just that here at FSCW.  The veteran of the Australian Liberation Front is here to give out bruises more than getting belts. His goal is to show FSCW that he’s the toughest and most dangerous man out there in the ring. Coupled with Junkrat in the tag-team division, the man once called Mako is a threat to anyone that opposes his quest for maximum carnage.  Roadhog is played by Zane Riley. Riley is a well-respected wrestler that was toured all over the country and entertained thousands in his career. Riley can also be heard with co-host...Read More


The savage demon of Outworld is a deadly addition to the FSCW roster. The reoccurring Mortal Kombat character is a wildcard in any match and consistently surprises fans and opponents in her tactics. Coming from Outworld, there is no question that being the top competitor is her goal at FSCW. The question remains on how far she’s willing to go to get there? Surprisingly, Mileena has found an occasional partner with League of Legend’s Jinx.  Mileena’s fierce combat is brought to us by the unparalleled talents of Impact’s Diamante, also known in the Florida wrestling circuit as Angel Rose. [the-post-grid...Read More


From the video game Overwatch, the Australian madman named Junkrat comes to FSCW for the promise of wealth, fame, and causing a ruckus whenever he can. The Czar of Cybernetics and Emperor of Explosions has clashed with several heroes and villains in his quest for hurting people. Alongside his partner, Roadhog, Junkrat has proved to be a considerable force in the tag-team division.  Junkrat is played by Aron Agony, who is also the main prop designer for FSCW. Agony has been a wrestler since 2011 and was formally an FSCW champion during his portrayal of Link from Legend of Zelda....Read More


The “better” half of Pokemon’s Team Rocket and, if you ask her, the brains of the outfit.  Like her partner, Jessie’s goal in FSCW is to cement her name as the greatest force that ever entered the FSCW arena. SO far Jessie has only succeeded in havoc and interruptions, but time will tell if the diabolical duo will be able to capture FSCW gold for the praise of their boss.  Jessie is masterfully portrayed by Dynamite DiDi, who travels all over the country as a respected female wrestling star. DiDi has also portrayed Dark Mary Marvel in early incarnations of...Read More


In all of Anime, there aren’t many villains as iconic or world-recognized as Team Rocket from Pokemon. James makes up half of this troublemaking twosome, thought ends up taking more than that percentage in beatings during their matches. Their goal in FSCW is to capture every championship belt they can in order to melt them down to make rare Poke Balls for their boss.  James is usually the first to run into the fray for Team Rocket…and is usually the first to claim worker’s comp after. South Florida wrestling veteran Julian Kelevra portrays James in FSCW, after playing numerous background...Read More


There is barely a force out there as vicious and unpredictable as Victor Creed, the mutant known as Sabretooth.  The terror of the Canadian wilderness, this Weapon X alumni is a force to behold and an absolute monster in the ring. With his healing factor, lightning reflexes, and enhanced strength, the savage Sabretooth is truly a mutant menace. Sabretooth is brought to life by wrestling doyen, Teddy Stigma.  A wrestler since 2006, Teddy has travelled the country and becomes an instant favorite wherever he goes, he has been able to travel without a single problem because he´s been using travel...Read More


There are not many forces as chaotic and unpredictable as League of Legend’s own Jinx. And there’re not many wrestlers out there that can accurately portray that as well as female wrestler and actress Leva Bates. Bates has added her own spin on the popular video game character by turn her thief persona up to eleven and turning her into a kleptomaniac of various FSCW props and clothes. Whether it’s spraying opponents with silly string, water guns, or duct taping them up, Jinx is by far the most unorthodox character we have in FSCW. Leva Bates is a veteran of...Read More


As treacherous as she is dangerous, the sorceress known as Evil-Lyn may be part of Skeletor’s Evil Horde, but her plans are definitely her own. The opportunistic mage of malice has several times come close to championship gold, and it’s only a matter of time before her machinations pay off to prove to the world that she is the supreme scion of power. Evil-Lyn is skillfully portrayed by Su Yung, who has traveled the world marveling audiences as she perfectly captures any character is chooses to personify. Su Yung had previously worked for FSCW as Yellow Power Ranger Trini Kwan...Read More

Batroc Ze Leaper

A mercenary from France who has been a thorn in the side of Marvel Comics heroes for years, Batroc now comes to FSCW to stir up copious amounts of mayhem in his quest to be seen as the greatest villain of all time. Though he occasionally tags with fellow villain, Shocker,  Batroc now has his own team of ridiculously stereotypical French thugs. FSCW’s Batroc is portrayed by FSCW veteran John Beaver.  Beaver has made his mark throughout the South Florida wrestling scene as both wrestler and commentator personality since 2009. Beaver had previously played the character of Deadpool for FSCW....Read More


Myah! Fools! The rightful Lord of Eternia is here at FSCW to watch you all bow before him. The FSCW Championship is only the tip of the iceberg in the machinations of this merciless mastermind. Skeletor leads the Evil Horde and dominate FSCW. It’s only through sheer luck that the heroes have banded together in time to stop this warlord from total takeover.  But, can the heroes always be successful against the legions of Skeletor?  The boney bruiser’s physicality is wonderfully portrayed by nationally recognized veteran wrestler Alex Chamberlain. A skilled performer since his debut in 2002, Chamberlain can be...Read More


The back-breaking bruiser from Batman comics comes to FSCW to prove his awesome power in the ring. Bane has consistently gotten in the way of the FSCW heroes to further his own dark agenda. To make matters worse, Bane has currently joined forces with Skeletor as part of his Evil Horde. Bane is currently played by Impact and Lucha Underground star, Brian Cage [the-post-grid id="16050" title="FSCW Roster"]