CAT5 Ghostbusters

When Fort Lauderdale quakes in fear, when the slime starts to rise, when ghosts start arriving by the boatload, who ya gonna call? The superstars of the supernatural are back! The CAT5 Ghostbusters are ready to believe you!

The CAT5 Ghostbusters are an official franchise of ghost corps and are authorized to eradicate, exterminate and/or entrap any and all supernatural manifestations or paranormal phenomena occurring within the state of Florida. Complete with all the gear necessary to capture the paranormal along with The Ecto 1M, No job is too big.

The CAT5 Ghostbusters also make appearances for other charities and fundraising events throughout the state and donate their time and money raised to local charities. If there’s something strange in your neighborhood just remember…. who ya gonna call?

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CAT5 Ghostbusters will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Booth TBA.

CAT5 Ghostbusters’ schedule will be posted here approximately two weeks before the event.