Bold Venture Press

Bold Venture Press delivers exciting fiction torn from the pulp magazines, and new fiction inspired by the vintage pulps!

Bold Venture Press publishes quality reprints of classic pulp fiction, esoteric writer’s manuals like The Plot Genie, and exciting new fiction in the realms of mystery, science fiction, and horror.

Our flagship title is Pulp Adventures, a quarterly magazine showcasing classic reprints and new stories, spanning the diverse world of pulp fiction.

Bold Venture releases three new titles each month. We are proud to present Zorro: The Complete Pulp Adventures by Johnston McCulley in six volumes; author C.J. Henderson’s hard-boiled Jack Hagee, Private Eye series — and to feature the never-before-published fourth novel in the series. We have rescued Wycliffe A. Hill’s The Plot Genie from obscurity, and budding pulp authors are rediscovering this legendary plotting device from the days of dime magazines.

Bold Venture Press is open to submissions from new authors, or people interested in compiling anthologies of stories from the classic pulp magazines.

— there’s something for every genre and taste!

Visit them at Booth #1324 & 1326