Austin St. John

Austin St. John is best known as Jason Scott Lee, the original Red Power Ranger and first leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Austin has been practicing martial arts since he was five years old and holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a first-degree black belt in Judo, and he also practices Kenpo. St. John’s first major role in acting was in 1993, when he starred as Jason Lee Scott, the Red Power Ranger, in Saban Entertainment’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. At the age of 17, when the series premiered on the Fox Network, he was the youngest member of the original cast, but was also the most experienced at martial arts, which was integrated into his character on the show. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was an instant success and quickly became one of the highest-rated children’s television programs ever.

Austin left the show after 2 seasons, and later returned to the franchise as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo and as a guest star in the second Power Rangers movie, along with his former castmate Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger). He also co-hosted the 1999 Power Rangers special titled “The Lost Episode,” with his former cast mate and close friend Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger), in which they both discussed the history of Power Rangers up to that point and also presented the original, never-before-seen pilot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Austin’s last Power Rangers appearance was in the tenth anniversary special “Forever Red,” where he joined nine other Red Ranger actors. He once again played the original Red Ranger and was reunited with his former cast mate Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, the franchise’s longest-serving Power Ranger).